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"You can't solve current problems with current thinking, current problems are the result of current thinking."

- Einstein


Strategic Foresighting Associates

The Era of Exponential Changes!!

WE ARE NOW living in the era of exponential changes! This means that everything around us is transforming at an enormously fast rate – from the way we communicate - to the way we get medical help – to the way we shop – to the way we learn….

...not to mention the perpetual price increase at the grocery store. We, essentially, have to learn new skills (and at times, new vocabulary) just about every day to be able to cope with the environment around us. But there is a problem...



...WE INHERENTLY ARE designed to have everything in our lives be linear. If a fence is 30 feet in front of us, we are pretty certain it will take about 30 steps to reach it. This is in linear terms. If we were to take 30 steps exponentially, we will almost reach the Moon or be able to go around the Earth 26 times!

Our minds are having a difficult time understanding this. The challenge is that in order to prosper in today’s world, we must continuously adapt to its changing terms, even though at times it may feel like a HUGE WAVE is coming to swallow us. It is both terrifying and exciting!!!